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Spend More Time Out on the Water with Our Boat Share Program

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If “Owning a yacht is too expensive” or “I’m just not sure I would use my own yacht enough,” are phrases that have ever crossed your mind, we want you to know that your dreams of owning your own luxury vessel are not out of reach. At SmartYacht, we want to put you in control of an incredible yacht with our signature boat share program.

How it Works

Through our boat share program, you are a designated co-owner of a yacht. This is much less expensive than complete ownership and much more convenient. Although you are a co-owner, our boat share program still gives you the independence and convenience to take the yacht out whenever your schedule allows.

Why it’s Advantageous

In addition to its cost-effectiveness, there are a few key reasons why our boat share or Fractional Yacht Ownership program is the smart way to go:

  • We take care of everything. All you have to do is book the yacht when you want to use it, climb onboard, enjoy yourself, and head home after you are done.
  • You can live the Dubai lifestyle to the fullest. There is so much to see and do here in Dubai, and the atmosphere is absolutely electric. By owning a luxury vessel, you can make your dreams of fully living in luxury a reality day in and day out.
  • You can find a new way to relax. Life with all of its demands can be draining, and at the end of a long day, you deserve to sit onboard a fully-equipped yacht with a glass of champagne in your hand, enjoying the sunset.
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Qualities Our Dubai Yacht Rental Program is Based On

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Imagine cruising on your very own Dubai yacht rental on a perfectly sunny day with a glass of champagne in your hand. With our fractional yacht ownership program, every day can be like this. At SmartYacht, here are a few of the factors our Dubai yacht rental program is based on:

  • Zero worries—Whenever you board a Dubai yacht rental, all of your worries should immediately melt away. We coordinate with you to take care of the mundane tasks, like cleaning the yacht and mooring it, so you can focus on enjoying yourself and living the Dubai lifestyle to the fullest.
  • Complete independence—When you take advantage of our fractional yacht ownership program, you own a portion of your very own yacht. This gives you the freedom and independence to take the yacht out whenever your schedule allows, whether it’s every weekend or at night after a long day at the office.
  • Unbeatable luxury—Our yachts are extremely lavish because we believe that you should be able to live like the rich and famous whenever you step onboard. For example, one of our yachts, the Prestige 500, boasts an impressive flybridge deck, a suite with panoramic windows that let in the sunlight, and other incredible amenities.
  • Cost-effectiveness—Owning a yacht independently is a significant financial investment. By taking advantage of our co-ownership program, the ability to have access to your own luxury vessel is within your reach.
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Join Us for Our Next Fun-Filled Luxury Yachting Day Trip to Moon Island

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Luxury Yachting Day Trip to Moon Island by Smart Yacht Dubai is a event hosted by Smart Yacht Dubai twice a year to experience Luxury Yachting lifestyle.

Known for its picturesque, one-of-a-kind views of the city and exciting attractions, Moon Island is one of Dubai’s most popular and continually visited islands. Located just 70 kilometres from Dubai’s shoreline, the only way to get to this island is to travel by boat through the ocean’s crystal blue waters. Recently, we took the short journey to Moon Island on one of our yachts to enjoy a day of swimming, fishing, jet skiing, wake boarding, and barbecuing with our valued members.

This day trip exemplified exactly why living the Luxury Yachting lifestyle is so exciting, and we are eager to host another similar event in the near future. Trips like these are just one of the many perks of participating in our fractional yacht ownership program, and we would love to have you onboard the next time we take a trip out to Moon Island to enjoy the thrill and luxury of yachting in and around Dubai.
Although this trip was hosted by us, you have the freedom and flexibility to cruise out to Moon Island to see the sunset or on the weekend when you own your very own luxury yacht. Our yachts are equipped with all the luxuries you could ever want and need in a vessel designed for your enjoyment, like large decks, barbecues, and plenty of room for entertaining business associates, socializing with friends, or enjoying time with your family.

Stop spending so much time on land and let us at SmartYacht introduce you to the thrilling potentials that come from owning your own luxury vessel! Contact us today to set up your appointment.

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Common Questions We Get Asked About Our Yacht Rentals

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At SmartYacht, we put living like the rich and the famous within your reach with our yacht rentals. However, we understand that before you take advantage of using one of our yacht rentals, you are going to have a few questions, such as the ones listed below.

Isn’t Owning a Yacht Expensive?

Yacht rentals are a cost-effective alternative to owning your very own yacht. Plus, by investing in a portion of your very own yacht, you also share the cost of mooring the vessel and maintaining it, two costs which can add up quickly when you own your own boat.

What is there to See in Dubai?

Dubai is one of the most exciting places in the world, thanks to all there is to see and do. The best part is that you can do so much by travelling on a yacht. For example, you can take an excursion over to Half Moon Island, go dolphin watching, sail straight to some of the area’s most prestigious night clubs, or simply relax on deck at dusk.

Is Fractional Yacht Ownership Permanent?

If you are unsure of whether you want to purchase your own yacht, our fractional yacht ownership program allows you to see how much you enjoy the yachting lifestyle before you make a permanent decision. Just leave all of the upkeep and maintenance to us, and really spend some time seeing how much you enjoy sailing around the harbor whenever your schedule allows!

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Join Us at the 2016 Dubai Pre-Owned Boat Show

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SmartYacht will be attending this year’s Dubai Pre-Owned Boat Show, held November 3, 4, & 5, 2016 at Dubai Creek Marina. We are looking forward to giving further information about yacht co-ownership to those interested in living the Dubai lifestyle to the fullest.

Established in 2010, the Dubai Pre-Owned Boat Show is a unique event, offering everything a prospective boat owner could ever possibly need, and one that is one of its kind in the region. Marine enthusiasts will enjoy being introduced to a range of retail offerings as well as finance deals and boat insurance, truly making it a “one stop shop” for everything a future yacht owner could want and need.

Ultimately, the goal of this show is to make sailing more accessible to everyone, which is a purpose that SmartYacht’s yacht co-ownership options embody. From basic vessels to exclusive options, boats ranging in price from AED 30,000 up to AED 25 million will be on display.

Book your appointment today to find out more about all of the possibilities that come with owning a portion of your own yacht, and make sure to stop by and see SmartYacht at booth A13 during the upcoming 2016 Dubai Pre-Owned Boat Show.

About SmartYacht

SmartYacht is the global leader in co-ownership for luxury motor yachts. With locations in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Seychelles and Dubai, co-owners have the benefit of shared running costs, yacht management, and access to multiple boats all over the world, all in a single ownership package. With co-ownership options starting as low as 150,000 AED, SmartYacht makes living the Dubai lifestyle to the fullest a reality.

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The Caviar Spoon’s Testimonial on the Upsides of Yacht Co-ownership

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Here are excerpts from a great testimonial/review, written by The Caviar Spoon, on the upsides of yacht co-ownership offered by SmartYacht:

“Chirag Shah, SmartYacht’s Middle East Managing Director, walked me through the hows and whys of yacht co-ownership and…I get it now. Don’t be too quick to judge based on price (like I did). When I first saw that the starter package is priced at 133,000 AED, I definitely suffered from sticker shock! But then I considered how it’s tax-free here and it wouldn’t be out of the question to split it with another couple. Or perhaps you’re a corporate honcho who is constantly entertaining. The initial investment is a drop in the ocean when you consider how your drop-out rate would decrease significantly if people knew they’d be aboard a luxury yacht instead of stuck inside yet another boring hotel room!

Now, I myself am not a boat owner (I wish!). BUT, most of the people I know who have had boats in the past confess that they never used them as frequently as they would have liked. It’s rather like having a holiday home. You only stay in it for a small portion of the year but you’re still stuck with paying the year-round costs of running and cleaning the place. That’s the beauty of fractional yacht ownership—you get the luxury of having a yacht but without the full costs that come with owning one full-time.

Think about it, the list of things you can do is endless! Day trips roaming around to all of the wonderful nooks and crannies of the UAE, sailing brunches (skip the standard hotel brunch and get out on the water!), to, oh, let’s say a #TanAndTatt outing! (What’s that, you ask? Tanning and Taittinger champers, of course!) Really, you could have so much fun with a boat.”

The full content of the testimonial can be found here. The page also contains a detailed account of the author’s great boating and dining experience aboard one of our vessels.

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How to Get More Out of Your Yacht Membership

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Having a yacht membership is one of the best ways to get as much as you can out of living in Dubai, a place with a completely unique environment rooted in luxurious thrills and attractions. If you recently purchased a yacht membership, here are a few ways to use it to your full advantage while you are living the Dubai lifestyle.

  • Explore New Destinations- Dubai, while it is a thrilling place itself, is surrounded by stunning landscapes and incredible destinations. With your boat membership, you may want to spend the weekend camping on Half Moon Island, snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of the Persian Gulf, or going for an overnight trip to look for dolphins near Yas Island. 
  • Entertain- If you love playing host, invite some of your friends onto your yacht for an evening of cocktails and socializing. Or, if you want to impress a business associate, have our catering staff put together a barbecue for your co-workers onboard your luxury vessel. 
  • Self-Indulge- With your yacht membership, do not be afraid to use it whenever you can, especially to relax and unwind. For example, we highly recommend getting done for the day at the office and spending your evening onboard stargazing and socializing with your loved ones.

If you would like to know more about purchasing a yacht membership, book your appointment with us at SmartYacht today. We cannot wait to introduce you to the yachting lifestyle.

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What Type of Yacht Sharing User are You?

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One of the best things about our incredible yacht sharing program here at SmartYacht is that it meets the criteria of many different types of users. Here are some of the most common types of people we see interested in using our boat sharing program:

  • The first-time user—Many people use our yacht sharing program as a way to test out the yachting lifestyle and see if they like it. If this is your mentality, we are confident as soon as you step aboard one of our luxury vessels, you will never want to go back.
  • The occasional user—Many people believe that they will not use their own yacht enough. Thankfully, yacht sharing affords you a perfect amount of time with the vessel.
  • The corporate client—Owning a portion of your own yacht is a perfect way to entertain corporate clients and make a significant impression on them. After all, there is nothing quite like spending an evening aboard an incredible luxury vessel.
  • The money-savvy user—Owning a yacht is a significant investment. However, with yacht sharing, you enjoy the many benefits of owning your own yacht at a fraction of the price.
  • The budget-limited user—Many believe it is better to invest their money in other places besides in a yacht. However, when you invest in our yacht sharing program, you invest in your ability to live the Dubai lifestyle to the fullest.
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Luxury Boats: What You Need to Know About the Prestige 500

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At SmartYacht, the Prestige 500 is one of the luxurious yachts available through our fractional yacht ownership program. This absolutely incredible yacht is ideal for relaxing, vacationing, entertaining, and many, many other purposes. Like our other luxury boats, it also boasts a few key features that make it an ideal vessel for living the yachting lifestyle. For example, this yacht comes with:

  • A spacious integrated gallery that services both the exterior and interior
  • An owner’s suite that is bathed in sunlight during the day by two panoramic windows
  • A fantastic flybridge deck that is perfect for sipping cocktails at dusk
  • A built-in barbecue

Owning a portion of the Prestige 500 is also beneficial, as opposed to purchasing it outright, for several reasons. For one, if you have always looked at luxury boats and imagined yourself enjoying yourself on one, but were put off by the cost, fractional yacht ownership is a much more cost-effective solution.

Additionally, by owning a portion of the incredible Prestige 500, you can stop travelling by land and start travelling in style on your very own luxury vessel. Whether you spend your weekends sailing around the Persian Gulf or pulling right up to some of Dubai’s finest restaurants, this yacht is sure to impress.

Book your appointment today to find out more about our luxury boats, including the Prestige 500. We look forward to helping you realize the many benefits of fractional yacht ownership.

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Why Yachting is Good for Your Health

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Yachting is Good for Your Health. Yes Definitely! It is no secret that yachting in the Persian Gulf is a luxurious activity that allows you to take advantage of all that the Dubai lifestyle has to offer. While living this lifestyle is thrilling, yachting can also be good for your personal health for a few key reasons.

  • Exposure to the Outdoors- When you are yachting, you are surrounded by fresh air and sunshine. This allows you to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and soak up vitamin D and clean oxygen. It is said that salt water also has healing qualities, so taking a swim in the refreshing blue waters that surround you may be just what you need.
  • An Escape from Daily Life- When you are at the office or going about your daily activities, technology and demands from other people take over your mind. However, when you are out yachting, you can escape from your responsibilities and immerse yourself in the luxuries sailing on a yacht has to offer.
  • Relaxation- How often do you sit back and take a minute to relax? Yachting is the perfect time to take a few minutes for yourself, look out at the water, relax, and unwind. After you step off your luxury vessel, you will be amazed by how much better you feel.

So leave your worries behind and experience yourself why Yachting is Good for Your Health.

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