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Four Things to Do While Sailing on One of Our Luxury Yachts

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At SmartYacht, our luxury yachts enable you to explore and enjoy everything Dubai has to offer. While you are aboard one of our luxury yachts, here are four things you can do if you are looking for a little bit of adventure to fill your evening or weekend.

  1. Sail to Half Moon Island- Half Moon Island is one of the “must visit” islands in Dubai. When you take one of our luxury yachts over to this stunning island, you can spend the weekend camping there. We recommend sunning yourself on the white sands during the day and enjoying cocktails aboard your yacht in the evening. 
  1. See Dolphins on Yas Island- Dolphins are some of nature’s smartest and most beautiful creatures. If you sail over to Yas Island on your yacht, there is a good chance that you will be able to spot some of these magnificent creatures swimming around. 
  1. Anchor in Palm Laguna- If the weather is warm, we highly recommend taking one of our luxury yachts out to Palm Laguna, anchoring the vessel, and taking a refreshing swim. While you rejuvenate yourself in the water, our caterers can prepare a mouth-watering barbecue for you to enjoy. 
  1. Take a Moonlit Cruise- The Persian Gulf is absolutely stunning in the moonlight, especially when you can see the many lights of Dubai in the distance. Take our yacht out for a moonlit cruise and enjoy the 3 c’s (cognac, cards, and cigars) with your mates.
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