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How to Get More Out of Your Yacht Membership

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Having a yacht membership is one of the best ways to get as much as you can out of living in Dubai, a place with a completely unique environment rooted in luxurious thrills and attractions. If you recently purchased a yacht membership, here are a few ways to use it to your full advantage while you are living the Dubai lifestyle.

  • Explore New Destinations- Dubai, while it is a thrilling place itself, is surrounded by stunning landscapes and incredible destinations. With your boat membership, you may want to spend the weekend camping on Half Moon Island, snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of the Persian Gulf, or going for an overnight trip to look for dolphins near Yas Island. 
  • Entertain- If you love playing host, invite some of your friends onto your yacht for an evening of cocktails and socializing. Or, if you want to impress a business associate, have our catering staff put together a barbecue for your co-workers onboard your luxury vessel. 
  • Self-Indulge- With your yacht membership, do not be afraid to use it whenever you can, especially to relax and unwind. For example, we highly recommend getting done for the day at the office and spending your evening onboard stargazing and socializing with your loved ones.

If you would like to know more about purchasing a yacht membership, book your appointment with us at SmartYacht today. We cannot wait to introduce you to the yachting lifestyle.

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