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Reasons to Take Advantage of Fractional Yacht Ownership in Dubai

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There is nothing like spending time relaxing and socializing on board a luxury yacht. However, there is also nothing like sailing on a lavish vessel here in Dubai. Fractional yacht ownership is extremely popular in this area of the world for several reasons, and we want to introduce you to some of the most pertinent.

First, Dubai boasts beautiful sunny weather throughout the majority of the year. With fractional yacht ownership programs in other areas of the world, you may only be able to spend time on the water in the spring and summer. However, here in Dubai, yachting is something you can do year-round.

Second, Dubai is home to some of the finest restaurants and clubs in the entire world. For example, you might have already spent many nights at the Waldorf Astoria on the Palm, the 360 nightclub in Jumeirah, or 101 at the One & Only on The Palm. Through our signature fractional yacht ownership program, you can arrive at just about any location in style on a luxury yacht.

Finally, Dubai boasts some of the most beautiful tropical landscapes and attractions in the world. When you own a portion of your own yacht through our fractional yacht ownership program, you can easily spend your evenings and weekends snorkeling, jet skiing, fishing, or diving into the sparkling waters of the Persian Gulf.

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