Fractional Yacht Ownership Options in Dubai – You only have one life to live, so you might as well spend it enjoying yourself on a luxury yacht! With our fractional yacht ownership program, no longer are you limited to travelling by land. Enjoy all of the exquisite sites, exceptional restaurants, and thrilling entertainment Dubai has to offer by cruising around in your very own yacht.

Fractional Yacht Ownership
Fractional Yacht Ownership


“I’m so busy I don’t have time to own my own yacht” and “I’m not sure if I can afford to own my own boat quite yet” are just a couple of reasons that have kept you from investing in a luxury vessel up to this point. With fractional yacht ownership, you can push these reasons aside and finally enjoy the Dubai lifestyle without fronting the entire cost of ownership. In fact, yacht co-ownership options start at less than 150,000AED, compared to buying a similar boat for around 3m AED.

Whether the many dive sites in Fujairah have piqued your interest, or the luxury of sipping champagne at sunset with good friends and family after a day at the office has convinced you to invest in your own yacht, fractional yacht ownership affords you convenience, flexibility, and most importantly, luxury.

Dubai is pure boating heaven, and stepping on your own yacht time and time again is the definition of sheer bliss. Make your dreams come alive with yacht co-ownership and contact us today at SmartYacht to discuss the many perks of fractional yacht ownership.

Explore the stunning views Dubai has to offer with a Fractional Yacht Ownership membership unlike any other.

In Dubai, a beautiful ocean always surrounds you. Stop spending all of your time on land, and let us at SmartYacht provide you with an exceptional yacht membership! Yacht membership is the ideal way to give the yachting lifestyle a try. Go out on a luxury vessel whenever your schedule allows without the significant expense of ownership. After you step on board, you can cross the lagoon and mesmerize your guests with stunning views of the Burj Al Arab or cruise around the Arabian Gulf on a soothing journey that calms your nerves. A yacht membership gives you the freedom to do this without a single care in the world.

If anyone has ever told you that you don’t live forever, they’re right! Now is the time to purchase a yacht membership and explore the crystal-clear blue waters of the Arabian Gulf Coast in complete fashion and style. Once you’re done yachting for the weekend or the evening, you simply step off the vessel and go back home without burdening yourself with maintenance, cleanup, or mooring.

A yachting experience you won’t soon forget is right here and waiting for you! Request more information today about a yacht membership and let your dreams of living the Dubai lifestyle come to life.


Fractional Yacht Ownership Options in Dubai
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Fractional Yacht Ownership Options in Dubai
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Fractional Yacht Ownership Options in Dubai - by Smart yacht Dubai helps you enjoy yourself on a luxury yacht! With our fractional yacht ownership program