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Luxury Boats: What You Need to Know About the Prestige 500

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At SmartYacht, the Prestige 500 is one of the luxurious yachts available through our fractional yacht ownership program. This absolutely incredible yacht is ideal for relaxing, vacationing, entertaining, and many, many other purposes. Like our other luxury boats, it also boasts a few key features that make it an ideal vessel for living the yachting lifestyle. For example, this yacht comes with:

  • A spacious integrated gallery that services both the exterior and interior
  • An owner’s suite that is bathed in sunlight during the day by two panoramic windows
  • A fantastic flybridge deck that is perfect for sipping cocktails at dusk
  • A built-in barbecue

Owning a portion of the Prestige 500 is also beneficial, as opposed to purchasing it outright, for several reasons. For one, if you have always looked at luxury boats and imagined yourself enjoying yourself on one, but were put off by the cost, fractional yacht ownership is a much more cost-effective solution.

Additionally, by owning a portion of the incredible Prestige 500, you can stop travelling by land and start travelling in style on your very own luxury vessel. Whether you spend your weekends sailing around the Persian Gulf or pulling right up to some of Dubai’s finest restaurants, this yacht is sure to impress.

Book your appointment today to find out more about our luxury boats, including the Prestige 500. We look forward to helping you realize the many benefits of fractional yacht ownership.

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